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Queen of the Valley tin candle

Queen of the Valley tin candle

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Queen of the Valley Tin Candle

Weight: 100 grams
Burn Time: 25 hours

Indulge in the regal and delicate fragrance of our Queen of the Valley Tin Candle. This enchanting scent is centered around the elegant floral notes of Lily of the Valley, beautifully enhanced by a bouquet of other timeless blooms and a subtle, musky base.

Fragrance Profile:

  • Top Notes: The captivating and fresh scent of Lily of the Valley leads this sophisticated fragrance, providing a light and airy floral introduction.
  • Middle Notes: A harmonious blend of rose, geranium, and lilac enriches the heart of the fragrance, adding depth and complexity with their classic floral aromas.
  • Base Notes: The composition is grounded with a gentle, musky base that lends a soft and comforting finish, ensuring a balanced and long-lasting scent.

Perfect for creating a serene and elegant atmosphere, our Queen of the Valley Tin Candle is an excellent choice for moments of relaxation, reflection, or simply enhancing your living space with a touch of floral luxury. Encased in a stylish tin, it also makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones or a delightful treat for yourself.

Light up the Queen of the Valley Tin Candle and let the exquisite blend of floral notes transport you to a tranquil garden, filled with the timeless beauty of Lily of the Valley and its floral companions.

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