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Beach Walk Wax Melt

Beach Walk Wax Melt

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Escape to the seaside with our Beach Walk Wax Melt, capturing the essence of a refreshing stroll along the shore. This invigorating fragrance blends the crisp scent of salt water and sea musk with the sunny warmth of tangerine and orange blossom.

Fragrance Profile:

  • Top Notes: Refreshing salt water and sea musk create a breezy and invigorating opening, evoking the sensation of a cool ocean breeze.
  • Middle Notes: Sunny tangerine adds a touch of citrusy brightness, enhancing the scent with its zesty and uplifting aroma.
  • Base Notes: The delicate floral notes of orange blossom bring a warm and sweet finish, rounding out the fragrance with a comforting and sunny undertone.

Perfect for creating a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere, our Beach Walk Wax Melt is ideal for any time you want to bring the serene and refreshing vibes of the beach into your home. Simply melt to fill your space with the delightful and calming scent of a seaside escape.

Light up the Beach Walk Wax Melt and let its blend of salt water, sea musk, tangerine, and orange blossom transport you to a tranquil beachside retreat.

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